Change all surfaces to default material


I’m a long time skp user but can’t seem to work out this basic function.

I’ve imported an iges file from Fusion360 and trying to simplify the model.
All the materials are painted directly onto surfaces, but I want to paint them onto components/groups instead.

Is there an extension to automatically change all surfaces in a model to the default material without having to drill down into every surface and change manually?

I’m feeling like I’ve stupidly missed a basic function!



Open the component or group by triple clicking on it. This will open and select all the geometry inside. Then apply the default material from the In Model Colors. It’ll look like a blue and white dive flag.


Yes thanks Dave I’m familiar with that process, but I have like a hundred unique nested components that all need the material changed to default.

I was hoping there might be a tool or extension that allowed me to select them all at the root level and change without drilling down on each one individually.

Any other ideas?


If you don’t want to use the material in the model on other parts you could just delete it from the “in model materials”. I think the faces would all then return to default colour.

Also, If you do want to use the material again and it’s not a native material, save it out to a local library first before wiping it from the model. Then you can bring it back in later.

It all depends on the model I suppose, just a few thoughts. I wouldn’t know about using any plugins for this.


Hi Ian,
Deleting the material works perfectly!
It is a unique material so doesn’t matter that it is deleted. In any case even if it wasn’t unique I’d probably copy the components out to a separate file just to delete the material and then re-insert them. It would save a lot of work.

Thank you for this answer. It is just the simple solution I thought was available but couldn’t work out.


Sorry. I’d have mentioned that option except I thought you wanted to keep the materials. Deleting the materials from the file is pretty quick and easy.


It all depends on whether it were needed to be kept in other places I suppose. If it works for you that’s great.


No problem. I should have explained that I didn’t need the material.


Thomthom has a material tools plugin if you want to go that way in future.


Hi Box,
Do you mean the Material Replacer?
I think this requires me to click individual faces still.


No, I meant Material Tools one of it’s many options is Remove from entire model.


ok I see. I will try this one.


Box’s suggestion for material tools is best as it’s a one-click button to wipe from all objects…then purge to be sure they’re removed form model to keep things nimble. Use it all the time.


I just tried Material Tools - it’s perfect.
Very fast and easy.


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