[Q] extent object along one axis the same distance as another object is moved on the same axis?

Still trying me head around DC…

I would like to extent/stretch an object (O2) along its Z-axis (one end only) constrained to the same distance another object (O1) is being moved along the same axis. The distance O1 is moved along Z-axis cannot be predetermined but only results of manually moving/aligning O1 on the Z-axis.

Initial stage

Desired result after having moved

Can this be achieved with DC? and if so would appreciate assistance

DC extent along axis.skp (73.8 KB)

You don’t need either objects to be dynamic. Simply move 01 the desired distance. This distance will then show up in the VCB. Next, activate the Push/Pull tool and start pulling 02, then immediately enter in the distance that you moved 01 in the VCB and 02 will stretch the same distance. Hope I understood you question and hope this helps.

you my question right, but I do not want to do the stretching (push/pull/scale) manually, as there are quite a few of those, but rather with OnClick of DC, which would be a great saver in the work flow.

DC extent along axis.skp (20.2 KB)
Thanks for saving in 2014 version :stuck_out_tongue:

By combining both objects into one component, it’s possible. In my example, you enter the component, move the OBJ1 to the left, exit, Onclick (to redraw) and it’ll adjust.
In the dynamic options, I’ve allowed you to choose the spacing distance between the objects as well. I also moved the axes, I think mine’s a bit sloppy, but you get the idea.

I don’t think it’s possible to have dynamic components interact with each other if they’re not nested together. If anyone knows of a way, that would be great for us both.

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I agree with quantj, DCs have to be grouped to form a relationship,

I have add a DC that works using the scale tool, which acts dynamical if you reference it to point or enter a scale once.
however if you edit whilst still in working mode, or enter a fixed measure you will need to redraw, which high lights a DC bug which the sketchup guys are aware of and will hopefully fix.
x-axis scale.skp (20.0 KB)

Its unlikely DCs at this will save time in this case, a ruby script would be the way to go.

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I did indeed… Took me awhile to get in me model around the axis and parent/child relation. Wish for the latter it would more liberal to interact between components/groups of instances not being nested - by referring to a unique name/id of any instance in the model

Thanks a bunch, much obliged for the help!

problem is that I have not got the time to learn DC and Ruby and whatever, I am more of that car driver who wants to drive the car with all the gimmicks without having to look under the hood or reading the manual…