Divide chairs along Path


Hey Guys,

I’m struggling to make a dynamic component that divides chairs along a path (could be a table edge). With a given minimal distance between the chairs, I’d like the component to add another Copy when I stretch the Mother Component to a certain size.
I though I had the coding right, but something is wrong as you can see while stretching.
I might have to the with Component Axis on different positions, but I’m not sure

Chairs at desk.skp (2.4 MB)


With DC’s it is best to ‘design’ and think thoroughly of what your DC is supposed to do.Mostly,what seems to be easy managed in a DC is actually quit difficult. Start for instance with the table. To scale the tabletop you would have to uncheck some options in the scale-behavior. The legs shouldn’t scale up with the tabletop, but you would calculate the positions of the legs according to the tabletop LenX and LenY. Make sure it works and test it before wrapping it up in a ‘mother’ component together with the chair.
In this ‘mother’ component you would have to set the dimensions of the chair to what the actual dimensions are ( of the chair), otherwise they would scale up, to. While placing the chairs in one direction is easy to accomplish , placing them around the table is a bit more complicated.
Mostly, move copy with a typed distance is more efficient . I have added a sample of a table-DC with one chairs on one side.

chair.skp (248.8 KB)


Another way to do this is with profilebuilder2:


I love this! Great use of the Profile Builder Assembly Tool