Create auto slice dynamic compontent

I want to create a dynamic component for framing, but unlike all I’ve seen I need it to “slice” the board every x feet.
For example if I have a 9’ 2x4 then every 8’ I need it to start a new board because the spacing is only 16" though it could be 24"… at the end I need to know how many 2x4’s I need.
also, for the top sil plate it needs to be offset 3.5" from the bottom one.
It would be perfect if it would include insulation and drywall at the same time.
the first stud needs to be 15 1/2 from the 2nd and 3rd + 16"
lastly every 8" requires a double 2x4.
Can anyone please explain how to do this?

I think you’re asking for an awful lot from a dynamic component. You might want to start off taking a smaller bite andjust make a 2x4 component which can have its length set by the user.

is it that difficult to ask it to slice the 2x into 8’ sections?

I think you’re thinking about what can happen and what needs to happen in the wrong way. The DC can’t make a long component into two. You could replace a long component with two shorter ones that are otherwise hidden. You could make a DC for a 2x4 that has a user selectable length but it setting a shorter length won’t leave you with a drop piece like it would if you were cutting a real 2x4.

Edit to add: Here’s a dynamic 2x4. The user can type in the length as desired. It doesn’t lop off a hunk as scrap, it is actually just a scaling operation.
DC 2x4.skp (20.6 KB)

hmmmm I see things like 4x8 drywall do repeating pieces, and I’ve seen framing where every x inches it adds another stud, i.e. 16" couldn’t we say every 8’ make a new 2x?
The weird part is they never do this “new part” on the stretched axis… if I’m saying this right.

You can set up a dynamic wall–there’s a picket fence example in the components included with SketchUp–that can have a stud every so many inches and you just set the length of the wall. There’s probably a wall like that already in the 3D Warehouse if you look. You could add sheetrock panels if you want, too. Depends on how complex you want to make it and how much time you want to invest in make it.

I’ll look harder… Maybe I missed one… I saw several but so far all I’ve seen do not cut the boards for the plates.

Dynamic Components won’t “cut” anything. They’ll rescale components or move them about.

hmmm ok… for my simple purpose might be better just to hand do everything… ty…

I was thinking I could probably have the walls drawn in the time it takes to make a dynamic component. Use components for the parts and I think you’ll be fine.

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yeah… I’m wasting time… already a week… ty…

Sorry about that.

Good luck.

It’s fine… my OCD is kicked into overdrive… I can totally “see” what needs to be done, and with a bit of thinking I can build a dynamic shed! lol… I can “see” all the steps… I’m about 1/3 there just missing a key understanding.

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Sure you can do that. Although in theory your statement is correct.

StudWall.skp (65.3 KB)

Really you can do almost anything with the right formulas. However for complex stuff there are more efficient ways. This component has some flaws that I didn’t bother fixing because I moved on to a different method, but it should give you and idea of what is possible.

Building2.skp (316.5 KB)

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wow, thank you very much!!.. I will study both of these in detail!.. Hopefully my pro trial won’t run out before I have time to finish.

Yes, you can change the shape but the shape has to be there in the first

Note the formula to make plate ‘cut’ on the last one.

Plate LenX = SMALLEST(WallLength, X+PlateLength)

That’s why I now use Ruby to draw my components. With a complex DC’s you have so much extra hidden stuff in order to have many options. Check out this post to see what I’m talking about.

Try the Shape Builders extension. Not free but will do things like you want easily.