Sheet Metal Pan layout using Dynamic Components

I am looking for help creating a dynamic component that would allow me to enter a height and the length and width to create an open pan plan view that coudl be cut out.
Anyone have suggestions? I am completely brand new to dynamic components and don’t know where to start.
Basically the height defines the square notch to be cut out of the corners of the rectangle defined by the length and width dimensions.
Ideally I would like to later add the ability to toggle on or off the addition of some holes that are aligned with the center. But I would be happy just to get a dxf out of the plan view.

I used to do this kind of design-drafting for many years. There are bend allowances required depending upon the material and the radius of the bends.

I don’t think it’s suited for DCs, which could only rotate 4 separate sides faces vertical or horizontal.

Yes, there are bend allowances to be accounted for. That tends to be more of an art than a science but there are some basic rules. I thought if I could get the basic programming figured out I could either manually account for that in the height of the pan and ‘oversize’ it or tackle it as a next program refinement.
Seems like this should be a relatively straight forward challenge for DC since the example models show far more complex designs such as the shelf demo. But that is why I am asking here. I haven’t really figured out the DC programming yet.

To be more specific, it sounds more like a job for a Ruby extension.

Yes, that, unfortunately, is a bit out of my current wheelhouse, building extensions. But I see what you mean.

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