How would you do this Dynamic component?

Hi! im doing a DC that is a wood table with the corners cutout like in this picture, i already found a solution (explained below) but i want to knpw how would you do it.

these cuts are always 65x65mm no matter how big is the table. the lenght and width can be inserted in the DC.

How would you configurate this DC in order to have these corners with this constant measure?

What i did was to make 4 nested components of 65mm each that adjust the measures of lenght and width, thus these sides are constant and the lenght affects only to the core

like this :

Ya like that.

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i’d use three components, a large one to go the length, and a shorter on on the side and copied to the opposite side., and an edge line. thus 4 squares and generally will be equal in that more, of could rectangular on either or both ends as well.


this solution reduces the amount of parts and thats useful, thanks!