Parts separate when scaled larger


Hi all,
When I build an object using dynamic components so I can constrict material thickness (3/4" plywood, e.g.), my parts separate when I scale them larger. Or, when scaling down, the parts overlap. Any thoughts on how to prevent this?


Think of it this way: if both boards are just nested groups inside the DC, then the thickness of the horizontal board will also be scaled vertically and the vertical board will “stick” to this thikness nicely.

If you only constrain the horizontal board’s thickness to a fixed 3/4", then nothing changes for the vertical board. As you noticed. You should fix the vertical board’s local Z inside the parent DC to a position at 3/4" above the parent’s local Z.


Ugggh. This is killing me. Ok, made some changes, I cant figure out what is wrong with my formulas.
Here are the attributes side by side showing measurements and formulas.

And here it is scaled by pulling up on the top center scale handle.
Note the separation, and the leg drops below the plane.
What the heck am I missing???

Dynamic-Table_working.skp (32.3 KB)


Update. This behavior has something to do with the fact that I built it with the top first, then the leg. I then flipped long Z axis.

I built it again with the leg first, the the top and now the leg sticks to the origin. Which is good, however, the parts are still NOT sticking together correctly.

Dynamic-Table_working2.skp (34.6 KB)


for top add the Z position

Z =table!LenZ-3

Dynamic Door Beginners Project

Or the general reference Z = parent!LenZ-3

As said before (translated to this new model with a variabel leg length, not a fixed board thickness): the local Z for the top should be at the end of the leg at all times. So have its position mentioned by defining the Z position for the top in relation to the leg’s length.