Sizing parent component fails, sub-component is fine

I just started dynamic components today so possibly I’m making an easy mistake but what I’m attempt to do is create a component window-half-frame which represents one of the two sliding components of the overall window pane. Each window-half-frame has properties to state the number of “rows” and “columns” which then inserts the appropriate number of window-pane components.

Here is a picture – – which demonstrates:

  1. The exposed properties of the parent component
  2. That the parent component is supposed to be 21" (as per both the LenZ property and the functional calculation which is: = (PaneSize * PaneRows) + PaddingBottom + PaddingTop )
  3. But as you can see the measured height of the component is NOT equivalent to LenZ

Now as a side note, I’m getting the same effect regarding the depth of the parent versus child components where the child component is correctly setting depth but again the parent is not. I suspect both are probably the same underlying cause.

Another observation, I can change the left and right padding variables and the component correctly puts the right amount of padding in. However, when I do effectively the same thing with top and bottom padding, it does have some impact on how tall the component is but while PaddingBottom seems to work correctly PaddingTop does not.

though a picture says more then a thousand words, a SketchUp.skp says more than thousands pics…
It is hard to tell what is going on, you can upload the file (7th icon from left, drag and drop in the Forum editor), for folks to look in to it

Whoops. Must have been tired. I convinced myself this wasn’t possible but glad it is. :slight_smile:

[Half-Window-Frame.skp (65.8 KB)

@MikeWayzovski any thoughts? Anyone else? Really stuck.

if you delete the formula for lenZ, you will see that it changes to 21" (grey) this is caused by a scaling issue, the two parts are interfering, the solution is to delete the formulas and reset the scale, then alter the raw geometry

if you use the size attributes to change the object, you are scaling. This effects the inner or outer object in that proportional it will try to scale too, however if it is already set then there is a danger that they become out of sync,

in this case, its probably easier to start again, use known dimensions and make formulas that result in the same value as the grayed one, otherwise there is a great possibility of out of sync scale issues

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this may be helpful

Don’t feel I completely understand. Are you saying that when building the component if I used any scaling it could potentially throw off the LenZ property?

What I don’t understand is that the greyed out value is NOT right. The formula comes closer but it’s off in a very odd way.

Unfortunately not a member so the images aren’t visible. :frowning:

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changing the lenX, lenY, lenZ scales the component, so if one creates a formula that changes the value from its original raw geometry size you in effect scale the the object

if I draw a 1m square and make it a component, then change lenX to 200cm, the component is stretched. this can be seen by the right click menu, which gives options to reset the scale or scale definition (it can be further expressed by painting the component with a material like bricks)

so to create your dynamic component, build the various parts as components or groups, arranged as you need to start from, do not initially use the attributes to change the object, but create formula that produces the say result as the existing values. Then once completed try some different values via the option dialog, if you want to test before completing then return back to the original position before you add other formula that may effect the outcome

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joining Sketchucation is free…

I tried to do this and saw the paid plan in bold and missed the link for the free plan.

Your message brought me back and sadly, it would appear, you’re not be able to sign up for that anymore. There is a form but even though I filled it out it fails saying “relevant information missing” and yet every field but one is filled. The one not filled is “plan” and there is no input control to choose anything so I can’t fill it in!

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