Putting logo on a model


I am needing to take a logo and place it on a rock model and raise that logo.


In what format do you have the logo? Is the logo drawn in SketchUp or is it a vector file?


And your question is…?

What do you have to start from? An image of the logo?

Have you drawn or imported a rock?

(As usual, @DaveR gets there first!)

And a further question: how well do you know SU already? Complete beginner? Hobby user with some previous experience? Something else? Pro or Make? (your profile doesn’t say).


Usually, the logos are in a jpeg or png format. I need a quick way to add logos to boulders like these at https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/user.html?id=0689629068175189811728180&nav=models. It would be nice to be able to use the push/pull tool on the logo.


The main problem then is how to create a plane from the logo - it has to be flat (plane) to allow PushPull, unless you use Fredo’s Joint PushPull plugin.

One way could be to use an external vector graphics program to produce the vector outline of the logo, on which to place an image of it - Corel Draw, for example (and there are others) will trace a bitmap in various formsts and produce vector traces. There’ll still be manual clean up. Make sure the output format is one that SU can import - different options for Make and Pro. (Your profile doesn’t say which you use.)

Another way is to import the image onto a face in SU, and trace round the relevant edges with some combination of line, arc, and freehand tools.

Or there is at least one plugin that will automate that for you, but I can’t remember what it’s called.

There’s some ideas to research.

Others on the forum may have better ideas, and practical experience.

And search the forum for ‘logo’ - I half remember a fairly recent thread on a similar subject.


If you can create clean artwork as a color BMP file, this might help:


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