Putting drawing on document with Format ,ei., date ,drawn by, BOM etc

How do I take my drawing and put it on a formatted presentation? Can I add a bill of Materials? Legend?
I have tried to add some of these as a text note, but when I print it replicates across the drawing.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Shop (I moved it to the Shop category) so with that version you could export images of your model and import them into some page layout program like InDesign or even into Word.

If you upgrade to SketchUp Pro you would have LayOut, too. It is designed to do exactly what you are asking for while maintaining a dynamic link from the SketchUp model. You can have multiple pages, scaled views and include other information from spreadsheets, text documents, and images and then export a PDF for printing or electronic distribution. You can also select large page sizes for full scale patterns and templates.

In addition you would have access to SketchUp’s Report Generator as well as a variety of report-generating extensions that can give you a bill of materials or a cutlist. This could then also be added into the LayOut file.

It sounds like you are adding screen text which, as the name applies, remain on the screen no matter what view you have selected for the model.

Thanks. I’ see what formats Word or others have first, then see where it goes.

Best wishes on that. I expect you’ll find it more time consuming and tedious to use other programs like Word with SketchUp Shop. You’ll have to manually create your bills of materials and won’t easily be able to leverage the information that is actually available in the SketchUp model. LayOut has the benefit of being able to dimension to the model, create scaled views of the model, and give you things like automatic label text. See where it goes, though. Maybe give the 2021 Pro trial a test drive so you can check it out, too.

Example of automatic label text in LayOut.

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