PushPull Tool - illegal offset string ERROR

Hi ,
When using the push pull tool , i am receiving an error (illegal offset string ) when i enter the dimension required . Can any one help with this . I am only a learner .
Thank you Roy .

You should post your model here so that others can see what you are experiencing in the work you described. You can select your file and drag/drop it to the reply window or simply click on the upload arrow.

If you have a change in the shape, pushpull can’t go beyond this border and you can’t enter a greater distance…

For a more specific answer, you should follow @jvleearchitects suggestion and upload the model or an image.

Many of SketchUp’s tools have extra functions enabled by pressing a modifier key.
Keep an eye on the Status Bar at the bottom left of the model space for modifier key tips.
For the Push/Pull tool, press the Ctrl key to start a new face.
Notice the little + sign that appears near the tool cursor

Push Pull Tool

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