PushPull tool extension with predefined values

Hi all
I am trying to find addon that can help me with push-pull tool. Because I work with few board thickness that are always same, is there any chance to get something that will give me predefined values for pp tool?
For example, if I want to draw board that is 30 x 20 cm with 2 cm thickness, I just draw rectangle 20x30 and with one click make it thick to predefined value.

If this is a repeatability issue, pushpull remembers the last distance moved, so a simple double click will push 2cm again and again and again until you change it.

Also, if you are using the web version as your profile says, Extensions are no use to you.

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Yes, but I have few different thickness that I need. 0.5, 1.5, 2, 4…
For personal use web, on job pro 2021

Sounds to me like more work than just using the default method,
start pushpull, type the size, hit, enter done.
Activate extension, tell it what size you want this time, execute.

Well, it is more than just that
It is more like: Draw rect, press p, enter value, press enter, triple click, make component

Toolbar with predefined values can make job more effective and life easier.
Draw rect, select it, press button in toolbar and that’s all, job done.

With SU Draw Parametric Shapes