Multiple Push & Pull

Hey guys, I wanna ask if there’s an extension or way that select multiple faces to push/pull them?



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OH, that is weird. Pre-picking multiple faces before activating the Push-Pull tool causes the selection to be cleared.

Why would they (the SketchUp prgramminers) do that (ie, write the native PushPull tools so it clears the selection) ?


i think you misunderstand or my explanation is not clear, example i have a square tube and i want to put holes in that, how can i multiple push them coz its annoying selecting and push them one by one.

Please see attached file of my explanation.

The native Push/Pull tool won’t let you select multiple entities. However, after you do the first one, double-clicking on the next ones in turn will push them through the same distance as the first one.


how about a DC, click on the hole and open DC option menu

, place, size, copy array multiply, set depth or use scale tool to match the plate depth, then when happy…explode…3 times

one for the group
one to cut back faces
at last for the groups /components

this can be achieved via right click, select context menu “explode”
note afterwards it pays to purge the drawing as unused components remain attached to the file.

Hole Cutter 2 (1).skp (34.4 KB)

@pcmoor what do you by DC?

@jimhami42 thanks for the tutorial, it helps me.

Yes there is - Fredo’s excellent Joint Push Pull extension:

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Hi Kage, hi folks,

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of attached SketchUp file for ideas.

Array of holes.skp (1.1 MB)



Is this plugin working for sketchup make 2017? or only for proversions?

I have put the files in tools folder in sketchup make, but it doesn´t recognize it, the plugin doesn´tshow up…
So Is it something to do with 64 bit sketchup make 2017 that I use and this plugin is only for 32 bit?

I don´t get it why these plugins are downloadable as rbz, I have a mess trying to unzip that, I have to change the filename directly to zip instead of downloading it with the rbz extension, if I download with rbz extension it is a nightmare trying to unpack it correctly, it just adds nother rbz file in the zip file, but that isn´t the main issue since I did get the files correctly unzipped, so it´s the initial question that is important…why it doesn´t show up in sketchup at all.

You are making life far too complicated for yourself.

Learn how to install extensions properly. They don’t go in Tools, and never have except for extensions shipped with SU.

You are far from clear in your description of your hardware and version, and it makes a difference to how you install extensions.

You say:

`don’t treat me like a newbie

Graphic Card: Architectural
Operating System: 3drotate
SketchUp Make/Pro version: version 8.0`

From v8 maintenance release 2 (v8 M2) to v2016 you use Window/Preferences/Extensions/Install Extension to use the rbz file directly (in Windows) and Sketchup/Preferences… on Mac.

From v2016 onwards, you can install directly from either the Extension Warehouse or a different site altogether

in v2017, instead of Window/Preferences you use Window/Extension Manager.

As you aren’t a newbie, you will doubtless know how to find the Help files and how to search this forum.


bit-holder|690x350 As some people make things like this . . A Bit Holder

Classic case of not thinking ahead.

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You misunderstood what I meant. So I edited it …

Why would they (the SketchUp prgramminers) do that (ie, write the native PushPull tools so it clears the selection) ?

I was not speaking of the user’s needs.

An example of thinking ahead for the image posted above, this is only rough but there is no reason this can’t be don’t to specific dimensions.
Holes 09

Oh okay . . As i was looking for the Multi Push Pull thing as I made a 100 hole thing to hold the bits for a tool I got in a really Flimsy case !

Except It does not have a Bottom so things DO NOT fall out the bottom . .

With bottom