Is there a way to push/pull more than one surface at a time?


…so that the surfaces are pushed/pulled at the same time and equally?



This is possible with the Move tool, as long as you’re trying to push/pull all your surfaces along the same axis.

Double click on each of the faces (so you select both face and edges), and hold down the Shift Key while doing this so you can add in the other objects into your active selection group. With the faces and edges selected the move tool acts similar to the push/pull tool. so there’s nothing special you need to do.

Of course this is all assuming that you’re trying to work with different geometry. If you have multiples of the same object, then you really should be converting that into a component instead… and from there any adjustment you make to one component will also show up in all of the other instances of it as well.


You should have a look at Fredo6s JointPushPull (JPP) plugin.