How do I push/pull multiple surfaces?

As you can see in this video, I am trying to change the height of all these prison cells. As I keep altering different aspects of my project, I need to change this occasionally. I really need to figure out a way to change them all at the same time with push and pull. As you can see, if I highlight multiple surfaces, they un-highlight the moment I press P for Push/Pull. How can I push/pull them all together?

Also, sometimes Push/Pull is remembered just using mouseover, which is much faster, but most of the time, Sketchup makes me click each each surface before clicking P again each time. What makes this behaviour switch on or off?

The native puspull tool can do only one face at time.
You can use the Move tool in your particular case.

Also there is en extension:
Joint Push Pull Interactive | SketchUcation

Also you can use components for multiple objects that are the same. Then changing one component changes all of them.

PushPull Aternatives

Yes, thank you so much for making this animation. I am being told more and more about components. In your example, your rows are identical. Mine are not. What’s the best way to switch the component function on and off as required? Also, what’s the best way to select hundreds of objects at a time so I can allocate them all to become a component? Or what is the most appropriate use of components in my case?

I will check it out. Thanks!

Simply said:

“Groups” are best used for parts that do not appear much in the model, such as the only front door.
“Components” are best used for repetitive parts, such as windows or interior doors that occur more often in the model.
You can combine these options by using groups within components or vice versa.

Maybe this video can explain it better:

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