Push/Pull Multiples

I sometimes find myself needing to use the Push/Pull tool on multiple surfaces at once, as in modeling a stud wall for a building. I have found no way to do this. I tried holding down the CTL key while using the Select tool to select multiple surfaces but as soon as I select the Push/Pull tool the selection disappears until I place the cursor over a plane section.

Is there a way to select multiple surfaces and push or pull them simultaneously?

Not with the native pushpull tool, but you can with Fredo’s Joint Push Pull.

One thing that may help is that SU will remember the distance you extruded the first or last object. Then double clicking on the next objects face to extrude, will automatically extrude the same distance. Double clicking the same face again adds the same amount again and so on. Or make the original a component and then an array of the others. As editing one is duplicated through the rest, then using the “Make Unique” option ( select the object and then right click on it ) will let you segregate individual ones or groups. …Peace…

Thanks for the tip, mrwmrutski! The double clicking after the first push/pull to length works a treat!