Extrude multiple face at once

Hello, i would like to extrude multiple faces at once in my model and don’t know how to do. i precise that all the faces are on the same plan, i would like that to be quicker and more precise (compare to extruding all the faces one by one)

Thank you !!

There isn’t a way to do that in SketchUp Free. It could be done with an extension in SketchUp Pro, though.

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oh, that is sad… please can you tell me the name of this extension ?
thank you for the precious information !

The extension won’t help you since you are using SketchUp Free (web).

yes, but i might install the pro version since this feature would save me a lot of time. Do you know if such plugins exists also for the free download version ?

The extension is called Joint Push/Pull. It’s available from Sketchucation.

There is no “free download version” to download anymore.

thank you !
oh really ? but i think i do have a free version already installed on my pc

I wouldn’t have written that if it wasn’t true. It was removed last week.

If you have it already, fine.

that’s sad
ok thank you for your help, the Joint Push Pull plugin seem very promising
have a nice day or night

Generally for hobbyists such as yourself the free web version should do most of what is needed.

Good night/day.

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