PushPull leaves lines or sides or won't push

There are no doubt countless ways to do this but this may be useful to some.
First I unchecked length snapping in your units settings and changed the angle 0.000

I think I missed a click on the axis deal at the end but you get the idea.

Thanks, I’ll definitely study this!

I’ve been doing it right, just as you did above. The problem is that angle Dave discovered and with the end slightly off of a 90* angle the bounding box doesn’t hug the lines which is quite noticeable at the other end. That points to my inferences being slightly off probably due to some earlier correction with the axes somewhere else in the model that has got me well fooled. I probably just need to start over and make sure I know what I’m doing with axes’ before I get to far into it.

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Sorry, I just learned I’m not suppose to reply to individual posts. So, thanks Dave for your latest tips above.

So, rather than draw the rectangle from inferences and guides I was able to pull up to form a rectangle from one line I left in the place I want it. Then with PP the box came out perfectly shaped and the group box hugs the lines. Lesson learned. Still don’t know what went wrong in the first place but at least know what to look for.
Thanks everyone for your very useful insights and the time taken to help me, I really appreciate it!

Check out THE SKETCHUP FUNDAMENTALS. It may help to clear the fog. The Fundamentals is a wealth if insight.

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