Pushing 3D solid resulted in hole


I am trying to draw a small holder object so that its edge will be larger than the rim of the actual hole so it will not just fall into the hole where the object will be installed. But when I pushed downward the strip, it leaves a large SU hole in the object. Please see the attached model and provide some help if you can. Thank you so much in advance!

student_tfit_top_with_hole.skp (1.1 MB)


If this is the result you want it’s just a matter of hitting Ctrl with the push/pull tool. It adds a new face.


To be printable the bottom of the cup will need thickness.
Here’s one way to accomplish modeling the cup which results in a Solid.

fit_top_with_hole_Solid.skp (144.5 KB)


Thank you so very much for the great tip!


Hi Geo - Thanks again! That was a wonderful illustration! I learned how you did from 5th 6o 6th step by offsetting it. Really appreciate it!