Push Tool Help - creating incomplete boxes


I’ve been messing with this for hours, and for some reason I can’t get it.

I just want to push the entire face of what is between my two tape measure marks down 3mm. Everytime I do it, it ends up completing other areas that I had opened up earlier, and then when I try to again remove those areas, I end up making incomplete boxes. I’m probably using some of the wrong lingo, but I think people will understand what I’m saying.

If you go to my google drive linked file, you can download my sketchup file. If someone can either tell me an easier way to do it, or if you want to do it for me, that would be wonderful too.


Or here is a picture of what I’m working on:


Thank you for all the help.

Your linked file is a skb, a backup. It doesn’t have the guidelines shown in your picture.
It’s quite easy to attach a small file like this by dragging it into the editing pane.

Holder.skp (30.1 KB)


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I would use the “intersect” method rather than “push/pull”, but they both produce the same results:

“intersect” - draw a box that will be used as a negative to remove the area you want inset on the first shape.

“Push/Pull” - draw lines over the guides and push the middle bit in. (When you draw lines, it will probably fill in shapes that you will need to erase again.)

Holder.skp (33.5 KB)

Alright thank you for the help. I’ll see if the intersect allows it to happen for me.

Maybe I’m missing something but I understand you want what is shown on the right. Is that correct?

I just traced where the guidelines fell on the surface using the Line tool and then pushed the faces down. It took two Push/Pull operations because the small face on the near right front is separate from the rest. There were no problems with holes getting skinned over, though. The large rectangular hole doesn’t extend to the guideline. Should it?
Holder.skp (81.0 KB)

I just tried running the line tool along the tape measure lines, and it filled in my holes.

And then when I try pushing those filled in spots back down, that’s where my trouble starts…

But yes, what you did is what I was looking for. Now to run it through solid inspector and see if it all comes out well.

Thank you for the help.

I didn’t draw continuous lines down the length of the part. As I said, I drew only where the guidelines fell on the surface.

The one I drew will be a solid.

eta: The problem you are having is due to drawing the lines over the holes. This is expected behavior and allows you to repair holes that sometimes occur. To avoid the problem, don’t draw lines across the holes.

Thanks for the tip. I’m still new to this, and do appreciate the help.