Made a hole in the bottom but it doens't print

Could someone help me with this… I am a novice at Sketchup and learning and today wanted to make a remote control holder.

I was pleased with how it came out, but there was a bit of suction when pulling the remote out, so I decided to draw a hole in the bottom.

I exported it as an STL and loaded it into CURA, But when it prints, it has a solid bottom layer and this is confirmed by looking at the layer view.

What have I done wrong here?
9. Tiny bit wider with hole in the bottom.skp (1.2 MB)


Your geometry has a lot of internal faces and will not be a solid after grouping. You need a solid for 3D printing…

Please understand that I don’t even know what that means… I don’t know how I could have designed it any different.

I drew a shape (using Arcs and lines)… Created a 2mm ‘wall’… Pushed the middle up 2mm… And the outer up 52mm… And thats it.

How can I avoid these extra ‘faces’?

Does the tool you show fix them? Is that the solution?


Edit: Yes it does :slight_smile: You beauty… That will really help for many jobs I have had problems with…

Thomthoms plugin is helpful here but you should try to learn how to prevent those problems instead of repairing them afterwards.

You can use a sectioncut and move it through your object. You should always see only the shell faces to get a solid volume (simplest definition: every edge touches exactly two faces).

Now that I have ‘fixed’ the object, I can see what was wrong before (using the section cut)… Problem is, I don’t know how to avoid it.

A lot of it comes from the way that i created the ‘base’ (i.e started with a shape… Created a 2mm off set… Stretched the outer wall up to 50mm, and the inner one to 2mm… I can see how this is wrong… But I can’t see how I would avoid it…

You can’t avoid that, because that is how sketchup works. You just have to be aware on how push/pull works and what solid means and then fix it.
I used to use smooth at 180degrees when I had large models. Where a problem is it won’t smooth.

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