Push Pull to make contour lines/elevation


Hello @s.ztaylor,

First let me welcome you to the Forum, but secondly, I want to advise you that most of the respondents in this community only desire to be helpful, so your comment (quoted above) is uncalled for. Several SketchUp Sages suggested that you post the actual file in order to obtain meaningful recommendations to resolve your issue, and you took umbrage at the response for some reason. It seems perfectly logical to ask for the original skp file so that an analysis may be performed for your benefit. If you are not permitted to submit the file on the open forum for any reason, the option remains for submittal via a Private Message to any individual with whom you are comfortable.

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10 hours later, after working on this all day and recently looking back on posts I clicked the link from john and saw dynascape’s video pertaining to sketchup. The solution was to trace the area in sketchup and then select the contoured sections with the push/pull tool. All worked out in the end. Thank you to all who contributed.


Regarding model sharing, it can be a very sensitive issue - one work around is to make a test model - very simple which also reproduces the same issue - then share that. It can save a lot of confusion and really get to the problem quickly.