Push/pull problems with intersecting lines

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I’m new to Sketchup and I’m trying to create a hole for screws on a plane and I was able to create 3 screws but the 4th one won’t push through the rectange. Everytime I have an intersecting lines and try pushing a hole through it won’t go through. I have attached my model.gantry_plate.skp (602.5 KB)

Part of the difficulty likely arises from the face being slightly off axis. The guideline I’ve added is parallel to the blue axis. You can see that it passes through the surface.
Screenshot - 1_1_2018 , 10_03_48 PM

You would need to make sure that the circle tool is set up to put the circle on the face instead of aligned with red-blue plane.

Another thing I see–a rookie mistake–is that the circles for the holes are not drawing on axis. This can create a variety of issues.

How large are the screw holes around the larger hole supposed to be? The hole with the guideline passing through it’s center is smaller than it’s two companions.

It is probably easiest to redraw the entire plate. I’ve redrawn it in the attached SKP file.
gantry_plate.skp (733.6 KB)
I drew it laying flat on the ground plane. I started with a rectangle and laid out the holes deleting the faces inside them before extruding the plate to thickness. Counterbores and the notches were added after the plate was 3D.

So I can’t draw the circle on the dotted lines? That’s what’s happening, I’m able to draw it off the dotted lines.

The holes supposed to be 4mm

If you draw the circle on the “dotted line” I drew, it won’t be on the face of the plate and so it won’t work to create the hole.

I attached the SKP file with the plate I drew.

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Oh Okay. Thanks very much that’s what I wanted.

What’s that?

The 4th hole, lol

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