Push/Pull Native vs Fredo6 Push/Pull

If you apply the native Push/Pull function to a circle, the second circle remains a circle and you can still find the center point (right mouse button ‘Find Center’).

If I use the Fredo6 Push/Pull function, the second circle is no longer a circle.

The ideal situation is of course to use only one tool for Push/Pull.

Is it possible to make a setting in the Fredo Push/Pull tool so that a circle does not lose its circle properties?

Maybe you can offer me a solution.

Push_Pull_Native_vs_Fredo.skp (106.4 KB)

I didn´t notice it, I think this is something that fredo must check, anyways I use joint push pull for complex geometry extrusion or to extrude 2 or more surfaces at once, for something like a flat circle I use the native tool.

I’m doing it the same way right now :grin:

well, you can ask @Fredo6 if it’s possible.
if they don’t answer here, you can also try on the sketchucation forum, they have dedicated thread for each extensions

I don’t think there is a setting in Joint Push/Pull for that. I’ve found Eneroth Auto Weld does a great job of welding the edges after an operation like that and reforming the circles.

I wonder why you would resize a cylinder that way, though. You could do it with the native Scale tool or you could simply edit the radius of each circle in Entity Info.

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I don’t understand your solution @DaveR . I don’t know how to create a 3D shape from a 2D circle using the native scale tool.

I can only make the 2D circle bigger or smaller.

After using Fredo’s push tool the lines are welded, but when you select the circle, on the entity info tray it says that it’s a curve instead of a circle, while the original circle remains as circle, there’s no need to weld them.

I don’t think this is a huge issue, I didn’t even noticed it until I read this post, but if it’s something that could trigger any user with curvizard it’s possible to convert it back to a circle.

It certainly isn’t. I only noticed it when using Joint Push/Pull. Hence my question.

Read what I wrote! I did NOT say you could make a cylinder from a circle with the Scale tool. I wrote that you could RESIZE the cylinder with the scale tool. Resizing with the Scale tool will not convert the circles to curves.

Auto Weld will reconvert the curves to circles.Curvizard can do the same thing.

I have at my disposal “Eneroth Auto Weld” Francisco. I will experiment with it. Thank you for your suggestions.

Sorry Dave. I had misunderstood you. Especially with your additional example, it is now completely clear to me what is possible! Thank you.

It is possible to reconstruct cirle and arcs. The only issue is that it will slow down the operation, which may have a performance impact if you push pull a large amount of faces.


Speed for me over circles.


For info, I just published a new version, JointPushPull v4.7, which includes:

  • Handling of special curves (circles, polygons and arcs). They are preserved whenever possible
  • Fix for multi-instances Groups. Only the selected groups are processed (after being made unique).

What a quick service. Thank you for releasing this update Fredo!