Push pull - missing back to shape

Hi, I have used a 3D rectangle to as a background on which to draw a shape.
After drawing the shape I used the push pull tool to remove the materials around the shape I had drawn - I used the aligning on the back edge part of push pull.

It all appeared to work until I turned the object around and the back of the object was gone - like it had been hidden.

I know I can redraw the outline again over what was left and it will be solid again but I was wondering if I am missing something here? Can it not happen automatically?

I know, also, that I can draw the outline without the background shape but I want to simulate - ‘draw the pattern on the material, cut away the waste’ process.

Thanks again for you help.


While pulling, hit [Ctrl] once to get a + sign at the cursor. This means that you’ll leave the original face behind and drag (extrude) with a copy of the face.

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Good morning,

thanks for your reply, I did try it but it didn’t seem to work perhaps I was doing it wrong.

Anyway, I manged to find a solution. This situation of the ‘missing back’ happens whenever I draw a shape in the middle of another and then remove the outside(surrounding) material only.

So, if I draw two lines from the middle shape to the outside edge and, only then, push pull to the back surface/edge then the back surface remains solid. Yes, I have to do two push/pulls but it does work.

I will have to work out how to upload screen shots as it would make this easier to explain.

Thanks again for your help.