Push-Pull leaves added geometry

Lets say I have a box already drawn in SU. I want to extend one face using PP. Sometimes (not all the times) in a complex drawing, the PP results in geometry left behind the extrusion, almost as a left over of the original box. Any idea anyone?

That can happen if you hit Ctrl (option on Mac) with the Push/Pull tool active. It’s designed to do that. Maybe you’re hitting it by mistake.

Please complete your profile with OS and SU version.

To make sure we are addressing the issue you actually have, could you upload a model that shows an example?


It usually happens after multiple operations on the same volume. My guess is that there is a left over geometry that doubles a line or I try to close an opened face and it won’t close it. This can also be stressful. Will post as soon as it happens again, usually when I work fast.