Push/pull a slanted column

I’m trying to design a table and I started with a 20" high 3.5,3.5" column for the leg. I then double clicked to edit the group and used the move function on the top face to bring the top of the column over to the left about 15" making essentially a parallelogram. I’d now like to recess the center of the top of the column but can’t push pull diagonally through the column, but can only push following the blue axis. I also tried making the shape I wanted prior to moving the column into it’s angled position, but now cant move the top face left or right, only up and down. below is a lousy drawing of a column with a depresion in the middle. I’d like to now angle it so the bottom sits on the “floor” and the top is parallel to the bottom.


It would be easier to give you exact help if we could see your SKP file. It sounds like you want a hollow column that splays in at least one direction. You should be able to draw a square tube and move the top face although if the dimensions of the tube are critical, this isn’t the right way to do it.

You could, instead draw the tube, rotate it to the desired angle and then use faces to cut the tube off parallel to the floor using Intersect Faces. There are several other ways I can think of, too. It depends on exactly what you need.

Thanks for the quick response Dave. I’m a total dork. Can I upload a
picture to this forum?

Yes. You can. Or you can upload the SKP file which is more useful. Click on the 7th icon from the left in the row of buttons above the window where you type your message.

Hey Dave.

Attached is my skp file. The figure on the left is the shape of the figure I want, and the figure to the right is how I’d like it oriented. I just can’t figure out how to make it happen. Once I make the depression in the top, I can’t skew the column to the left/ right, and if I slant the column first, then I cant make the depression in the top. Thanks for all the help so far.


dave: leg.skp (17.2 KB)

I sent you a private message.

dave- leg2.skp (43.2 KB)

many ways to do the same thing, this is just a couple of ideas, I’m sure there are more.