Purging unused tugs and components doesn't work in Sketchup Pro 2021

Purging unused tugs and components doesn’t work in Sketchup Pro 2021. Should I reinstall the software?

I assume you mean tags? Very likely if Purge Unused doesn’t remove those things, they aren’t unused. If you don’t see them, they may be hidden. You could try turning on Combined Hidden Entities to see what turns up. It’s unlikely that reinstalling SketchUp will change anything. Share your .skp file with us so we can see what you’ve got and give you some direction.

If you didn’t right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator, you should repair the installation, anyway.

And please update your profile. It says you are using 2018 Free (Web) instead of 2021 Pro.

Thank you Dave. I was using Sketchup few years ago…so I have some experience. I purchased 2021 Pro version recently and dived right in…too fast! The interface changed and additional features are overwhelming. I have asked about reinstalling the program because had few crushes and some tags disappeared, and components disappeared, tag menue malfunctioning…
Should I send you my file?

You can upload your file in a reply to this message (drag it and drop it into the message window) or if it is too large to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link to it.

Make sure you’ve installed SketchUp correctly. As I wrote in my previous post, right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator. Then if presented the opportunity, select Repair.

What makes you think the Tags panel is malfunctioning?

Schematic 11.skp (15.4 MB)

Schematic 1.skp (15.4 MB)

I am sending to you two files…saved Schematic 11, from Schematic 1, trying fixing it.

In Schematic 11 you have a bunch of hidden objects that are tagged with tags that aren’t visible. The terrain objects are locked as evidenced by them showing in red when the parent component is selected.

I don’t know what it is you want to remove but before you could delete locked objects you would need to unlock them.

There are a bunch of tags that are turned off and objects that are hidden. Some of those hidden objects are buried in nested components/groups.

Running Purge Unused after unlocking everything (but without first deleting anything) yields this:
Screenshot - 12_13_2020 , 9_50_04 AM

Schematic 1 looks similar with a bunch of hidden stuff along with some tags that aren’t visible.

Purging unused from Schematic 1 yields this:
Screenshot - 12_13_2020 , 9_54_48 AM

I can’t see anything that supports your assertion that the Tags panel isn’t working correctly. It works fine. What I do see is a scattered approach to your management of the models, though. There seems to be some strange use of nesting with structures and terrain nested together which makes the use of tags more difficult.

Yes, it is very scattered approach…but right now I have a problem with unlocking and unhiding anything…can you please send back files you opened (renamed)

Thank you.

You should learn how to unlock objects. The challenge in your case is you need to drill into the nesting you’ve created.

Schematic 11 unlocked.skp (13.1 MB)

Schematic 1 unlocked.skp (13.1 MB)

Actually , my tag management panel start working now…and I can see all hidden items :slight_smile:

Well, I am not sure if you care too much, but I want to tell you some personal info…

I am a 70-years-old architect and closed my design-build firm 12 years ago, working now as consultant for many large projects - no designing, no drafting. Recently I got very interesting project , to design and to build a modern villa for my friends (upstate New York). I don’t have much patience for learning at this point…A detailed User Manual would be a huge help, but I cannot find one for Sketchup Pro 2022…Any suggestions?

You might take a look at learn.sketchup.com and https://help.sketchup.com/en

As far as an old fashioned manual, there isn’t one.

Also, forgot to ask… when I working on the model and need help - it sends me to Trimble Help Center with no specific suggestions to particulae command or function, how come?

Please advise.

I am an old fashioned guy…but what shall I use for a quick reference - this is not a user- friendly approach…

You can search for terms such as the tool you’re trying to use.

I prefer a good old-fashioned book too but that’s not the way software manuals are done these days.

Keep in mind I’m just a long-time user, not a SketchUp employee. I’m only trying to help.

Thank you Dave :blush:. Your help is extremely valuable :pray:.

Anyway…I was able to move forward just by using Google, simply typing in the question…