Purchase of SKP

Can I purchase Sketchup 2021Pro on a monthly basis

No. Currently subscriptions are on an annual basis.

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If you had a subscription and a reason to need 2021, it would work.

For the monthly subscription part, I will tell colleagues that it’s something you would like.

Actually I will postpone any order at this time due to unforeseen financial commitment I thought 2021Pro would be cheaper than latest version. What is the monthly charge anyway for future reference refrence. ?

Sketchup works on a subscription basis, you can’t buy an older version, you subscribe, and it gives you access to the last 4 versions.
The confusion here and there may comes from the fact that 2021 was the last version to be available as a classic licence that you could buy, it ended late 2021, now it’s subscription only

There is currently no monthly subscription offered, I believe Colin meant he would notify them you interest in such a payment plan, not that it is available yet (that would be nice though)
Right now it’s at 299$ / year (285€ or 245£) for sketchup pro

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As ateliernab said, I wanted to make sure the product managers knew people were interested in a monthly option.