Purchase of Pro in USD whilst in Europe


I am trying to buy Sketchup pro from my USD bank account in Utah, USA but because at the moment I am in Europe the shop is only offering me the option to buy in Euros-anyone know how to get around this ? Thanks, Nick


I’ve just looked at it and I also get the price in Euro. It’s quite weird, I’m European but not in the Euro zone (Sweden). To me Euro and USD, and GBP for that matte, are about equally foreign.

Using an American VPN to get around it should likely work though.


It’s just the European Store and it defaults to Euro. I bought a few licences recently and they show in Euro rather than SEK. Quite a lot of services miss out SEK and default to Euro for some reason.

@nickhowes you can use any VPN not just a US one. I would suggest trying out the free VPN Plugins for Chrome first before looking at a paid service.


Thanks for that, glad its not just me being a dummy!


Thanks, i will try Chrome VPN and see what happens-Nick


LiamK do you know if these free VPN`s are safe and secure?


I cant vouch for them myself but some are pretty well known. it’s up to you and how much you need them really.

If you dont want to use a VPN have somebody you know purchase it for you or use your card perhaps.


with credit card as the only payment option and the €uro price (net) being roughly equivalent to the $ price (net), this should be feasible and not make a big difference in end price w/ the state sales tax added also.


Thanks–it worked out about 60 USD more but that’s only a round of drinks nowadays !


As I see it the problem is localization being forced onto users based on physical location, with no way to turn it off and go back to the original content. I’ve gotten a bit allergic to localization, especially the forced one, as services that I’ve had in grammatically correct English for years suddenly is in such bad Swedish that no kid should expect to graduate from elementary school with it.