Purchase Button missing


Hello SU Community,
I’ve been trying to purchase SU4U Panel Plugin within SU…
without success.
The only available button is Install.
I am therefore, and when i try to use it all i get is a “no license for product (-1)” pop up message.

I have tried togo to another plugin page like Oops Layout and P button’s there…

I have contacted Vi Huynh at suforyou.vn@gmail.com who doesn’t seem to see any problems as on is side the EW page got the purchase button !

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Is it possible you paid for it already and maybe got a license number in an e-mail? Maybe an e-mail that ended up in your spam box? I see the Purchase button but not a red Install but like you show in your first shot.

Can he check to see if there’s a record of having sent you the license?


Hello DaveR,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I have send a mail to Vi Huynh, unfortunately there is no record in its data base.
In despair of cause i have proceeded to a fool reinstallation of SU2016.
…The P Button reappeared. Tadaaa.