Pull/Push breaks the building

Churchbroken.skp (907.5 KB)

Hello there,

I’m having a problem with my project. When I pull the back side of the church that I’ve been building, specifically the left down side (considering if you’re looking from the back side of the church), the push breaks down and gives me the chance to report it. However, even thought I’ve done this like a month ago, nothing has happened at all. Is there any way I can import my building into a new project or any way to repair it?

Thanks in advance.

Are you talking about the face I am extruding here?

There is some bad geometry in your model. A bunch of reversed faces and some internal faces and other geometry that could be causing you trouble.

It’s unfortunate that you haven’t chosen to use groups and components in your model. Your model could be much easier to work with if you did.

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Thank you for the answer. So if I work on making the geometry better, it would eventually help me get rid of the problem? Also if I’m correct, in the web version of SketchUp, only components are avalible, therefore I couldn’t use groups to make it better but the option might be there and I just can’t see it.

Yes. Cleaner geometry will help to eliminate problems.

You can make groups in the free web version. Personally I only use components in my modeling. I find many benefits that groups don’t have.But others like groups so I mention them both.

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