Project Textures from foreground or orthographic camera?

I would like to use orthographc views of my models to project a texture for a fast workflow to generate simple assets for some 3d storyboard stuff.

The desired workflow would be:
1- render out an ortho view of the model
2- edit and draw on this render in 2d
3- project the texture back on the model
4- repeat for other views

Now my I thought I could use match photo but that can’t use the same camera angle, afaik I can’t use the “watermark” to project from. So far i’ve got it to work somewhat by creating a plane and using the old “project texture onto curved surface” method.

But this is cumbersome and not ideal. Does anyone know of a faster way to project texture from an orthographic view?

(ps i would have posted more screenshots to clarify what I’m on about but as a new user I can only post one)

You could apply the texture to the whole model and then use the “planar” mode in SketchUV mapping tools ( Fredos thru paint would do too). The planar view will map it from a plane in front of the current camera position, so as long as you go back to the same view it should align. However, as you can see from re-positioning afterwards the texture doesn’t make as much sense, so wonder why you might need to do this if it would only be correct from the view you’ve already drawn?

Oh thanks that might just be what I was looking for! Will try it out asap.

My plan is to do this for side, front and top view and any other views necessary for the asset. So for this to work properly I would have to isolate the faces affected and use orthographic to minimize distortion.

I’m not looking for full 3d models just something a step above 3d planes with drawings on them. Which work fine for my animatics most of the time but just occasionally I might want a vehicle with just a bit more dimension.

Thanks again, will post results!

It would be good to see how you use it.
“right clicking” on a face and selecting “align view” is an efficient way to get planar views too.