Project is broken with grey screen

I have a project with grey screen and I can’t do anything. Please help me somebody if it possible. :pray:

You have to make the file accessible so we can download it and fix it for you.

fixed it

OK. I’ll take a look as soon as this monster opens.

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I’m still working on it. You’ve got it well and truly messed up. The first thing I did is run a script that should have fixed the Camera position. It didn’t in this case so I started cleaning the model up as I usually do. First step is to fix incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_31_2023 , 1_16_40 PM
Next, purge unused. This took a very long time. Looks like you’ve been hoarding a lot of components and materials.
Screenshot - 3_31_2023 , 1_22_27 PM
I also resized about 40 of the obese textures. 10,000 pixels for a black color? Holey buckets!

I’ll keep working on it.

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It was 7,039,000 pixels!

I found a problem group. I’ve copied the rest of the model into a new file and will upload it shortly.

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10,000 pixels wide is what I meant.

The math doesn’t work! 10,000 wide would mean 703.9 tall. Even allowing for approximate vs actual numbers, that’s a crazy aspect ratio!

Looking at Dave’s screenshot I think you dropped a decimal place!

Here you go. It’s missing that bad group but the rest of it should be there. Cleaning up your hoarding and the excessive texture size reduced the file size by over 85%. You need to get in the habit of keeping your model cleaned up. Also make sure you are vetting all components before you add them to your project to make sure they are suitable. For components from the 3D Warehouse and other sources, first download them into a separate file so you can examine them before copying them to your project file.

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Thanks a lot! I understand recommendation and my mistakes. :+1:

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I did. Missed a chance to make it sound even worse.