Model disappeared, it is all green space please help

Model disappeared, it is all green space please help

Press shift z
if it doesn’t come back attach your model for someone to look at.

the file size is unfortunately too big to upload… it is 300200kbs

Upload it to a file sharing site such as Dropbox and provide a link hete.

I’ve got a submission due very soon please help

Very slow model to work on. It’s still processing for me. I did notice you’re hoarding a lot of unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 10_27_2022 , 7_29_27 AM
That reduced the file size by nearly 67%.

Even after purging unused and running the tool I have to fix the camera four times I’m still unable to get your model to appear. It seems to be really screwed up. Maybe @colin would be able to apply his magic cudgel to it and convince it to show itself.

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Your issues come from two component instances that have been scaled to an absurdly large size. I don’t know how they got that way. And perhaps also one group that is much farther from the origin than the rest of the model (about 2 1/2 miles). After deleting them and repairing the camera, this is what I see with all tags turned on:

The model is still extremely complex, with almost 22 million edges, 9.7 million faces, 67000 component instances, 54000 groups, over 102MB after purging. It is very slow to work with as a result.


Not a huge difference but I got 97.7 Mb after purging. Didn’t find the scaled components but I’ll quit now since Steve got it.

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Interesting. A second run of TIG purge got it down further to 99.9MB. I’ve never seen that happen before!

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I haven’t either.

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Here’s my repaired file


Just to help the OP.

Using the Outliner, I was able to copy and then paste the first four objects into a new file. I used Paste in place and observed that the buildings are located far from the origin (1000 ft to 2000 ft). This is not a problem but, you may envision centering you model on the axes origin.

Also, the fourth one is pretty big (it added more that 700 000 edges) and there are a few stray edges in this component. Maybe some clean-up is required.

I stopped there since others found all the other problems.

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Thankyou so much everyone!!!

Thankyou slbaumgartner!!