Project disappeared during use

I was working on a project and it suddenly vanished. My save file is there, No log in issues. when I try to re open the file same thing no drawing. I don’t seem to be able to use any of the tools either. has anyone else come across this? did I press something?

Share your file with us so we can see what you’ve got. It could have something to do with how the camera is set up.

Download the file to your computer and then drag the .skp file into a reply here to share it.

Light box V1.0 AJ.skp (193.2 KB)

You have zoomed out. Zoom Extents zoomed back in. I see no particular problems with the file.

Ah, many thanks. I have no idea how I zoomed out so far.
I finally found my project. I want to 3d print this, Is there a way to render or prep this model with put upgrading? Thanks again.

The model was not a solid but grouping and using the Solid Inspector cleaned it successfully. I think the tool is also in the Web version
Light box V1.0 AJ.skp (211.3 KB)

One thing you should do is make make sure all faces are oriented correctly. You have a bunch of reversed faces as evidenced by the blue color on them. Apply materials to the faces does nothing for face orientation.

Anssi fixed that for you in the file he shared but for future projects, make sure you stay on top of the face orientation. Correctly orienting the faces is especially important for 3D printing because the face orientation tells the 3D printer which side gets the print media and which side is air.

No joy, It just asks me to upgrade.
my next question is how do I chamfer all the sides? I can do front and back but can’t figure out how to do left and right as well. thanks

Huh? I saved the file I posted from SketchUp pro 2021 as a version 2020 file just in case, and when I reopen it I get the older version warning. Here it is once again.
Light box V1.0 AJ.skp (211.3 KB)

Thats fantastic. Thank you very much.

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