Project 1 image onto half dome


I’m trying to project an image of a flag onto a half dome (think the back of a bandshell for perfomances). I only want one flag, not lots of little flags all over the back of the bandshell. I’ve watched several tutorials but none are helping me do what I want. Does anyone have any suggestions? I imported the flag as a png file with a transparent background into my model.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.



Try this one … import the flag as an image (not a texture), align it with how you want to project it onto the dome, explode the image, select the image with the material eye dropper, and then paste the material onto the dome.


Actually Jim’s suggestion worked when I brought in the correct image type. When I brought in a jpeg file with a white background (instead of transparent), the flag projected onto the half dome just fine. It did not work correctly when I brought in a png file with a transparent background. Thanks Jim!


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