Profile Line Where 2 Objects Touch

I’m getting a strange profile line where different objects touch each other in my model. I have my profile lines turned off and the edge line color for my buildings is set to white, but I still get these black lines where the base of the building touches the ground. This only appears when I have “vector” mode selected for my viewport. When I choose “raster” mode this line goes away. Any ideas on how to get rid of this black line in vector mode?

You can see in the attached image the black lines at the base of the buildings. When I lifted one of the buildings up off of the ground the black line went away. So it seems to only be where 2 objects touch each other.

After further testing - when all of the geometry is in the same group and is intersected this black profile line goes away. It only seems to happen when two separate objects are touching. For cleanliness of my model I want to keep my site base separated from my buildings. My current work around is dropping all of my site buildings 6" below the ground level so that the edge of my buildings is below the surface. This hides that unwanted profile line. I can also just hide all of the edges at the base of my buildings, but this seems like extra work that is only needed because of this bug.

I have always had this issue with these black profile lines popping up when I export my SketchUp model as a PDF. Even if I do color by layer and line color by material, I still get these black profile lines where objects touch.

Let me know if anyone has solved this issue or if it is just a bug.


Layout Issue_1

I’ve not see that in LayOut but it looks like you have edges turned off in your style that the back faces might be bleeding through due to Z-fighting. If that’s what it is, it’s an OpenGL limitation and not specifically a bug in LayOut.

It would interesting to see the LayOut file.

Edit: I was able to induce something similar by turning off edges in the style and setting the back face color to something dark.

Hi Dave - thanks for the reply. I see what you have done. That black line in my model is actually a line that is being generated, doesn’t seems to be a z-fighting issue - if that makes sense. I’m able to achieve my desired effect by hiding all of the edges on the base of my buildings that touch the ground plane. Not ideal, but it works for now. Below is the desired effect - you see the white linework of the buildings with no black edge at the base of the building.

Again, it would be helpful to see your LayOut file.

Test File.skb.layout (87.0 KB)
Let me know if you are able to open this file.

In your layout file the line dash colours have been set to white by using the tags, when those are reset to default, things look a bit more normal.
I’m not sure if the black line that shows is a bug, conflict or something by design

You can achieve the desired effect by setting those tags back to default and making the edge colour “All same” : white in the style in SketchUp.

Fun Bonus: Alternatively you can set the style to show edge colour “by material” then paint the edges with any material that you please

Had to step out for a bit.

Adam has hit it on the head. It appears you don’t want edges displayed at all. Why not just turn them off in the style for the scene?

Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated.