Process terminated because it could no longer allocate memory

Hello guys, I need help clearing the error message as shown in image, it’s been hindering work progress since Saturday, kindly help me

The error refers to “Desktop Windows Manager.” This is a system error.

From Google:

Why is dwm.exe using so much RAM?

There are several reasons why Desktop Window Manager causes the high Memory usage problem, such as Windows performance issues, outdated graphics card drivers, or too many processes and applications that are open on your machine.

Thank you for your earnest response but none of the aforementioned is the reason for this

If you know this is being caused by V-ray, you should contact their Customer Support directly.

I should do that, Thank you

This is a windows based crash dwm is the desktop windows manager and you are fairly likely to run into this issue if you are running multiple screens or as it describes , have a low amount of memory.

V-Ray is very memory intensive; but this will be made worse the more things you have going on at any given time.

The fact you are getting a dwm error suggests you are running low on system memory - are you using an intel GPU?

What specs are your machine?

Process terminated because it could no longer allocate memory often happens for me, usually when walking from one room to another looking for something.


I can assure you I wasn’t doing anything else on the machine,Pc spec is CPU i7-10750H, GPU NVIDIA GTX 1650

This is something on your computer that is not right. This error may be telling us there is a compatibility issue with the OS version (Windows 11) you are using. I do not remember seeing that error in the past on previous Windows versions.

It just might be the issue, I’m thinking of downgrading the OS