Computer freezes when rendering

Hello all,

I’ve just recently started using Sketchup and V-ray qnd everything ws working fine, until two weeks ago…
I am trying to do renders of the interior and exterior of houses, but everytime I start rendring the computer freezes completely and I don’t know the reason :frowning: I honestly think I’ve messed up by putting waaaay too many things in the model, but at the same time I need them…!

My computer specs:
NVIDIA GeForce RTX3070

I’m using Sketchup 2022 and V-ray 5.20.04

Thank you in advance,


Just a guess based on seeing the work of other new users is that you have lots of unpurged stuff and lots of excessively detailed entourage in your model. You either need to deal with that stuff or you need to just be patient and give your computer a chance to do what you want it to do.

I use CleanUp3 to purge stuff and also use the purge unused assets in vray, am I missing something?

I think this is more likely to be the problem, however I am not exactly sure what this means… does it mean I have too many objects (chairs, tables, home appliances, etc) or too many textures and geometries (materials, fur, displacement etc)?
I any way I find it odd and hard to know how much is too much lol

The problem is not patience, the computer just freezes completely then I have to do a hard reboot !!

Hard to say without seeing the .skp file.

Probably some of both. It’s fairly common for users to collect a bunch of excessively detailed components to add to their models. There are lots of very nice houshold appliance and furniture components out there that have details that would never be seen when used in a typical model render. Those unneeded details should be removed before the components are used in your project.

would it be possible to send you the file so you could have a look? (I understand if this is asking too much though…)

that sounds about right but, then again, I guess it would help if could see the .skp file

Yes. I expect it’s too large to upload directly but if you upload to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link, I’ll take a look.

Freezes completely - does the on-screen mouse pointer still move when you move the physical mouse (or touchpad, etc.)? Can you interact with other applications on the system, such as to open the Task Manager (if that still exists in Windows 11)?

How long have you waited before rebooting the PC?

I cannot do any ofh those things, the computer is really frozen, no response to mouse lovelent, doesn’t open task bar, nothing !

I’ve waited up to 30 minutes before rebooting

Wow, then the Windows kernel seems to have gotten hung for some reason, without triggering a panic (Blue Screen of Death) and auto-reboot. Strange and painful.

Thank you a lot @DaveR , I am uploading it but it’ll take a moment, as soon as it is done i’ll share the link ! (you are not allowed to make comments on how disorganised my ptoject is tho haha :flushed:)

painful is the word ! I haven’t had any blue screens so far, only this annoying freeze, do you think that if I try to just leave it for a couple of hours it may unfreeze?
(also I guess you understood I meant mouse movement, I’m using a french keyboard and haven’t quite mastered the keys placement yet lol)

If you can let it sit frozen overnight, it would be interesting to know if it eventually wakes up.

Another thought: if the PC has an internal fan(s), I assume they are not running noisily during the freeze (which would suggest that the computer’s CPU is very busy doing something, as opposed to being idle).

theeere you go, the missing link: Google Drive: Sign-in

You have to make it accessible.

I’ll do it tonight and let you know what happens tomorrow !
Wait, so if it is not running noisily (if it is idle) it is a bad thing, no?

sorry, try now

Opening now.

BTW, a new version of V-Ray has been just released.

So, obese components is a big part of it. The first thing I saw was the overly detailed car model. Lots of internal detail that will never been seen.

There are are things like the chairs and the wine glasses that are also bloated.

I noticed incorrect tag usage. Untagged should be left active at all times. ALL edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only groups and components should get tags. You have the structural tag active.

After fixing the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 3_22_2022 , 1_36_31 PM

You should go through the model and either replace the bloated components with leaner ones or you should edit them to slim them down.

thank you so much, I’ll have a look at all of this, and will pay more attention to the tags !!
just two last questions: what did you use to count the edges of the objects? And when you say bloated you mean they have too many edges, how can I reduce that?
About the car: ignore it, I just wanted to see the size lol

And again, thank ou very much for your time and patience !