Problems with using Extrusion Tool in components

Hello guys,

I am quite new to using this application so I would really appreciate it if I could get some help for this problem I am stuck with.
I am currently trying to make a chandelier and, long story short, I am stuck on the fact that extrude edges to object does not really work well with components. I cannot make all of the “hanging thread” end at a particular face.

Long version:
Extensions I’ve used:
Curve Maker, JHS powerbar (to create C-points and add component to those points), Extrusion Tool
What I’ve tried:
-Using PathCopy
First, I created the C-points specifically for the hanging thread
-Using Line tool Then Extrude to Edges to Object
What I’ve found is that the extension doesn’t work on 1 edge/straight line. It needs at least 2 edges to work.
-Using Rectangle then Extrude to Edges to Object then deleting the some of the lines so that there is only 1 line left in the end
What I’ve found is that it only works for 1 component which was the one I used to extrude the edges to object.

Writing this, I figured I could probably create another set of C-points from the curve then using PathCopy to map out the ‘hanging thread’ and then deleting the lines that exceeds the rectangle box since I am hoping that the lines that exceed the rectangle box would be labelled as a different line from the lines that do not exceed the rectangle box. But this seems complicated and tedious.

So I was wondering if you guys could provide with some suggestions. I have attached the file and some screenshots below for those interested. Thank you for reading this!

Chandelier.skp (461.6 KB)

You could extrude the curve itself and use the edges from that.


Hello Box,
Thank you so much! That was quite simple and effective!