Problems with Sketchup Make 2016 after install on Win 8.1

Hi All

I just downloaded Make 2016 onto my Laptop. Now when I open the program it works for a few minutes then i get the following “Sketchup Application has stopped working” then I need to close it.

I have uninstalled, reinstalled tried everything to no avail.

It does not allow a 32bit download on this computer.

Graphics card: Intel ® HD Graphics 5500
NVIDIA GeForce 840m

Need some help please.

Many thanks

You have dual graphics adapters on your computer. You may need to make sure that SketchUp is always using the Nvidia, not the Intel integrated graphics.

Hi Steve
Thanks, thank you, sorry but how do I do that?

I believe you can do this by means of the Nvidia Control Panel. See for example this article: