Problems with new update

Wondering if I should not have updated… It says my system doesn’t support the latest graphics engine

and I don’t have the option to switch to classic graphics in preferences

Now my plans are not working/saving correctly

I hope these screen shots show up. Any suggestions to get running normal again quickly?

This is also popping up.


SketchUp Pro won’t work on Android.

Your screenshots are from SketchUp/LayOut 2023.

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OK. Thank you for your help. I didn’t realize the 2024 version is installed separately instead of overwriting 2023. I will need to go back and delete the 2023 version. Thanks again!

Don’t delete it. Leave it installed until you have SketchUp 2024 totally set up. Then instead of deleting it, use the uninstaller included with the installer for SU2023. Find it in your Downloads folder or get it again from Right click on it, choose Run as administrator and then choose the uninstall option.

Please also correct your forum profile.Add 2024 to the SketchUp version and replace “android” with the version of Windows you are using. Please also add the manufacturer and model number of the graphics card.