Problems with modeling

I have 2 problems with modeling…

  1. I’m currently working on a bike path, whenever I make a cut in the piece, on any face, sketchup creates 3 faces on top in place of the cut, and sometimes the cut doesn’t even work, there’s a floating line. How to solve?

  2. Whenever I move an object sketchup break and keep loading for a few seconds. (I believe this is due to the weight of the project, there is a lot of useless stuff that I didn’t delete)

Here is the project:

I expect a large part of your first problem comes from incorrect tag usage. You should leave Untagged active at all times. The pencil icon should be at Untagged.
Screenshot - 5_12_2024 , 8_31_52 PM

It looks like you’re getting geometry merging with other geometry and the incorrect tag usage doesn’t help.Use groups and components more. I removed the tags from all the edges and faces in your model.
Screenshot - 5_12_2024 , 8_32_49 PM
I also purged unused stuff from your model. That stuff will impact performance and there’s no reason to hoard it all.
Screenshot - 5_12_2024 , 8_33_29 PM
The purging reduced the file size by 86.5%.
See how this works for you.
ap50 purged.skp (12.9 MB)