Problems with lic

I am having an issue with Sketchup on my main machine. Specifically I installed it on my backup machine because the main one had to go back to BOXX. I got the machine back last night. Now when I go to use sketchup I am getting the exceeded lic thing for both 2018 and 2021 " I need 2018 because I use twinmotion and 2021 will not interface.

I have removed all other instances of SU on all other machines 2015, 2017 and 2020 " Both 2018 and 2021 are still working on the backup

To reiterate SU is right now only on one machine " my backup ", I need it on my Main workstation I have always had it on multiple machines with previous versions so I really don’t see what the issue is here

I have sent a ticket to Trimble but thinking maybe someone here has insight, Any help greatly appreciated

I understand that all activations are counted, so that if you have 2018 and 2021 activated on the same machine it is still counted as two, and activating on another machine counts as a third one, which is not allowed. Sort of restrictive. I like to compare with Rhino’s CloudZoo that only lets you be logged on from one computer at a time but doesn’t limit the number of computers that you have installed on.

I looked at both of your requests. After the first request, your 2018 license was reactivated so that you could add it back onto your returned computer. You said to my colleague that you may have found a way to use TwinMotion in 2021, and if it didn’t work out you would try the code that was sent.

If the machine that needs 2018 had previously been activated for 2018, you can add the license you were sent, and that should work ok. If the machine has never known 2018, then you may run into trouble.

You would have seen errors if you tried the same thing before my colleague made changes 5 days ago. So, try the 2018 license that was sent, on the computer that needs 2018.

By the way, you do have an active 2020 license as well. If TwinMotion works with 2020 you could use that instead of 2018.

Apart from what Colin said, twinmotion just released its 2021 version that is fully compatible with SketchUp 2021, even the direct link plugin

Hi Colin

yes I know its been a bit confused, I just switched from Mac to PC a few months ago, then I received my new workstation, that’s what your colleague was helping me with. I had it working both 2018 and 2021 but then my graphics card died and I had to send the machine back.

while it was at the manufacture I was using my backup machine which is still functional.

NOW I have the workstation back, but when I go to use SU either 2018 or 2021 it tells me I am out of LIC

The 2020 lic is actually the one I bought, and then you guy upgaded it to 2021, when I tried to install 2020 it said my lic was invalid

I just need this figured out, At the end of the day I need SU and twin motion to work if that means going back to 2020 then so be it…

I would like to have it on both my main station and the backup as Ive just had a computer failure make it so I cant work…

Can you help ,me get this done?

now thats interesting I did not know TM21 was working with SU21 that might be the answer, do you know for sure if its working? I had trie3d it before and the update function was not…

As you have seen, my colleague help solve the problem for 2018. I made sure 2021 will be ok too.

ok let me try…

Yes I am pretty sure. The 2021 SketchUp direct plugin came out the very same day they released their new version. About a week ago

Yes Paul, you are correct, I just tried updating in TM a SU file from 2021 and it seems to be working, now hopefully can get the lic thing for SU 2021 managed… :slight_smile:

Just wanted to give quick update to those if you who assisted me. I am now back up and running with the great assist of Tim from Trimble support :slight_smile: It seems at the end the issue was related to my paid plugins having some kind of conflict. reinstalled extensions, remove lic add lic and now all is good

Thanks again