Problems with importing my 3d model to sketchup

Hi anybody. My name is Sven Adler and i am a Landscape architect. I work with the 21 version of sketchup pro and in some models, my Cad operator prepared for mi in Autocad, i got some serious problems after importing to Sketchup. All the smoth lines and surfaces in Autocad gets like in pixels and dislocated. The thing is that its not everytimes happend and we run out of ideas about an possibly reason for that. We always draw the models the same way. Anybody from you did experienced the same and have an idea.

Is the model imported/located very far from Origin (0,0,0)?

It certainly looks as if the model has been imported to an actual geolocation, very far from the SketchUp model origin. When importing, check the import options: uncheck “preserve drawing origin” and set the import units to be the same as used in the AutoCad drawing. Import options are reached via the Options button on the Import File dialog box.