Problems with export from sketchup make -> unreal engine

about 3 months ago I exported a file from sketchup make via datasmith to unreal engine. Now it dosent work anymore, ive tried everything and it wont work. If anyone knows how i can export a file from sketchup make to unreal engine, i would really appreciate a reply.

You could try exporting as OBJ file, with TIG: OBJ Exporter v3.0.

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thank you man! I will try that out, hope it works.

ok so i have now installed the extension, but when i pull it up in the extentions panel it says “UNSIGNED”. how do i fix that, and then use the plugin afterwards.

The plugin belongs to one of SketchUp’s most prominent extensions creators (TIG) and is published on one of the most popular profile sites ( Just export the 3D model as an OBJ file and import it into Unreal.
You don’t need to fix that “Unsigned” message. To understand what it is and to find out details about that message (Unsigned), do a search in the forum, it was discussed at a time. This is one of it: Unsigned extensions? (and eneroth3 is also one of the well-known extensions creators).

so i have now exported the file to OBJ. but it seems like the file is to big, is it possible for a file to become to big? when i open it in the 3d viewer i only see a third off the components in my project.

Yes, of course! Every time you draw geometry or add a component or texture, the file grows.

When I work with Unity, and before I export the SKP file, I divide it into groups (objects) that I optimize, including textures, and then I import into Unity each object, one by one.
Be careful about textures, in the clip I showed you the big difference (10x) in the export of PNGs (512 KB) vs JPGs (52KB).

It is a House with around 250 objects but i Will get going