Problems with dimensions and angles (new user)

Hi, I am designing a new bathroom.
I’ve been through a few tutorials and created my basic starting box with the correct dimensions.
I have found how to specify the length of lines and use the move tool.

the problem I am finding is that using the move tool does not respect dimensions.
Ideally I would be able to specify dimensions for each line individually (and angles).
This seems quite difficult and unintuitive…

Does anyone have any suggestions on how the attached diagram could be created accurately?
Here’s how far I got:

(new users can only attach one image, I will try to add it in a reply!)

Same way as you would with a pencil and bit of paper: draw the easy boxes first. Remember that it’s a computer model and erasing lines is a simple click - you can make it up of boxes by clicking on a corner, then typing in x,y then delete all the internal lines you don’t need.

To get the angled lines I would draw a circle of the specific radius to work out the intersections then just draw lines from the center points to the intersections and erase the circles.

Thanks, I worked around it with the tape measure. Its near enough for design purposes, though a bit clunky.
Now I am wondering what’s the best approach for working on the interior from various angles.
I set the walls to be transparent from the outside but I think I need pages or scenes to remove walls temporarily.

Are pages only for sketchup pro?

Personally I would only draw the walls up to about 1m tall and then pull them up when done. Remember to group things as you go - makes it a lot easier later on. (Group the walls together before doing anything else)

Scenes can be used in all versions, but for something that small, I’m not sure how useful they would be; use the middle mouse button and [shift] middle mouse button to navigate rather than the tools. (BTW I would click on the magnifier and type in 70 for a wider FOV)

Layers are working well. Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, pages (aka scenes) are in all versions of SketchUp.

Just be certain you are using SketchUp’s layers correctly. They are unfortunately named, causing many new users to expect different capabilities than SU layers actually provide. In SketchUp, a Layer is just an attribute that controls visibility and color. It can be referenced from multiple objects so that they all appear or color at the same time. A layer does not isolate, organize, or gather entities in any way! As a result, all edges and faces should be drawn and left associated with layer0; only groups, components, images, dimensions, and annotation should be associated with other layers. Very severe and confusing problems can result if you ignore this advice!


Accuracy in SketchUp is as near at hand as your keyboard.

Click … Window > Model Info > Units
There, turn Length Snapping OFF and set Precision to a level appropriate for the task.

As for how to, watching these video tutorials should help: