Problems with components and transparancy SketchUp2024

Hi lovely Community :)…I have two problems with SketchUp 2024 and would be happy if someone could help me…when I load components from the Warehouse, parts of the component disappear, e.g. I import a plant…as soon as I click on the component, the leaves disappear…what remains is a plant skeleton…the same thing happens with a fireplace…wood is there - fire disappears…
The next problem I have is with transparency…I wanted cabinets with glass doors…the glass doors simply disappear as soon as I make the material or color transparent…I had no problems with 2023…Any tricky tricks would be great :slight_smile: …TIA * Sandi

Check to see if you are using the new experimental graphics engine. It should be in settings / graphics. Turn it off if it is on and see if it improves.

Also make sure your graphics driver is updated - not via Windows, but from the manufacturer site.

The problem with transparent materials has been reported by other users of Radeon graphics too, so it probably lies with the Radeon driver. You could try updating the driver and/or switching to the classic OpenGL graphics engine.