Problem with sketchup 2024 glass full opacity

My problem is that in my sketchup 2024, the glass materials’ opacity is lowered to 100%, they look like holes, and all the settings are correct. I understand that the new search engine causes these problems and I use the classic and normal one, but it is not as fast as the new one. The detail is that I have seen other publications that explain that the graphics and the updates are the problem, but in my case this happens, on my partner’s laptop Ryzen 5 4600u runs normally and has Windows 10, but on my laptop Ryzen 5 3400g I have the mentioned problem and I have Windows 11, we both have the same Radeon Vega 11 24.1.1 update, but it works for my girlfriend, I don’t know if some of the users who have this problem are from Windows 10 but on 11 I This is how my partner compares, I hope with this I have provided what could be wrong, I don’t want to go back to Windows 10.
any solution or progress? with this problem?

looking around on the forum, you’ll find visual bugs with some GPU making transparent materials invisible.

you wouldn’t have an AMD graphics card would you ?
(edit, it’s a rhetorical question, I see you have a radeon vega 11)

check if they released a new driver update, check if switching to the older opengl engine helps a bit, but this one seems to be on the hardware side.

here is a “how to” on signalling this to AMD